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An hour or less is all you can dedicate to fitness each day. So you have only enough time for a few sets of each exercise but no time for a warm up or cool down. Warming up before working out is as important as is warming up your car before you zoom off at a high speed. It is good to prepare your body for a strenuous workout by increasing your body temperature rather than jumping headlong into a workout. But that’s not all, a good warm up has many more benefits:
benefits of warming up
Increases blood circulation: A 5-10 minute warm up increases blood circulation in muscles, tendons and ligaments. It prepares the various parts of your body to perform well together, pretty much like oiling a squeaky wheel. The more the blood supply to the muscles, the better chances of the muscles getting nutrients that help in energy production.
Increases heart rate and body temperature: Warming up increases your heart rate and body temperature gradually. It also increases blood flow to the heart, which helps in reducing the chances of exercise-induced cardiac abnormalities. Warming up prepares the heart and blood vessels for the body’s impending increased demand for blood and oxygen.
Cuts risk of injury: When your muscles, ligaments and tendons warm up, they become far more flexible and supple thereby reducing the risk of injuries or tears.
Increases oxygen: Warming up helps in degradation of oxyhemoglobin. Simply put, it means, warming up breaks down the chemical complex of oxygen, aiding it to separate from blood and delivering it to muscles.
Promotes sweating: Sweating is important to reduce the heat in the body and for it to cool down. Also, a lot of energy goes into cooling your body. So sweating is good.
Warm ups are important as a form of mental preparation.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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