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What to do if your phone gets wet

    • Much like Douglas Adams’s mantra for the intergalactic hitchhiker, the first step is simple: Don’t panic! Relax, take a deep breath, it’s not the end of the world.
    • Immediately switch your phone off. Water can lead to a short circuit if the handset is running, and then it is game over. So, switch off your phone and take the battery out of it, along with the SIM card and the memory card. Remove the back cover too. Any other removable items, like a loop or a screen cover? Take that off too.
    • Shake it, baby! As silly as it sounds, give your phone a vigorous shake to get rid of as much water as you can.
    • Use a soft 2-ply or 3-ply tissue to wipe the phone dry. Make sure you don’t use a rugged or coarse tissue. Also, be very gentle when wiping parts around open circuitry.
  • Go to the nearest air conditioner and hold the phone at its vent to dry it out. Do not use a hair dryer or leave your phone under a fan. Hot air as well as dust can be disastrous for your phone, especially when wet.
  • Grab a large bowl or a pot and fill it up with uncooked rice. Make sure the rice is clean, though, because you don’t want dirt particles going into your phone. Carefully bury your phone in this rice—front side up—and seal the bowl. Rice helps absorb moisture, so this will dry out your phone better than any other method. Leave your phone in the rice bowl for at least 24 hours, but the longer you can keep it, the better. An alternative to rice is packets of silica gel, but it is a tad expensive and not as easy to get your hands on either.
  • Once you retrieve the phone the next day, grab a cotton ear bud and dip it in some alcohol. Gently dab the circuitry to dry out the remnants of water. Use a cotton bud only a few times and then switch to a new one.
  • At this point, your phone is ready to be switched on. But use your judgment here. If you still think it seems to retain a little water, then repeat the rice bowl solution until you are satisfied that there’s no moisture left.
  • When you are ready, put just the battery into the phone and switch it on. If everything is working fine, then install the SIM card and memory card into your handset and get back to business.

Written By : Mihir Patkar

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