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What happens to your body when you go on a juice cleanse?

While the jury is divided on whether juice cleanses are actually good for your body in the long run, fitness enthusiasts love giving it a shot, typically once the New Year sets in. While there is nothing outright hazardous about doing a juice cleanse—after all, it is fruits and vegetables you are eating—here are 5 things that you’re putting your body through.
effects of juice cleanse on body
Depriving your body of nutrients
Certain nutrients such as amino acids and carbohydrates are mostly present only in solid food which means you’re depriving your body of them through the course of your juice cleanse. Also, fat-soluble vitamins in the juices go to waste because they can only be utilised by your body when combined with fat.
You feel light-headed, dizzy and weak
Because your calorie intake drops sharply and your body is devoid of several nutrients, you may feel severely light-headed, dizzy and weak which can hinder day-to-day activities.
You’ll lose water weight
Water is stored in your body along with glycogen. When your calorie intake drops, your body uses up its reserves of glycogen and you shed the water weight. However, the minute you go back to your regular diet, you’ll put all the weight back on.
juice cleansing can accelerate ageing
Make way for premature ageing
Since you’re losing water, not consuming enough nutrients and eliminating fat entirely, your skin will dry out quicker. Along with this, the loss of fat is what is responsible for accelerating fine lines and causing premature ageing.
drinking juice reduces appetite
Reduced appetite
If you’re looking for a silver lining, here it is. Since drinking juices eliminates binge eating and reduces serving sizes, your appetite is left lowered at the end of the cleanse and you feel fuller faster. This is great if you’re looking to positively change your eating habits.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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