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Unhealthy Ways of De-Stressing At Office You Should Avoid

A pile of unanswered emails, a desk phone that is ringing continuously, the wife or girlfriend on the other line, and someone standing next to you asking for something urgent! How can anyone keep cool? Best grab a cup of coffee or shut everything down and step out for a smoke.
Does this sound familiar? When work stress gets too difficult to handle, you look for an option that can instantly relieve stress. But the quick stress management strategies that you are following could be really unhealthy and may also harm you in the long run. Have you developed any of these habits to relieve stress?
smoking unhealthy ways to relieve stress at workplace
1. Smoking
A puff of smoke and I am relieved of my stress! Many people strongly believe in this myth. This belief is so extensive that many men take a break when they are stressed out and smoke to relieve tension. But, scientists suggest that smoking can give only a temporary stress relief and that too merely due to psychological reasons. In fact, nicotine and tar present in cigarette can increase the level of stress.
drinking too much coffee to de stress can risk your health
2. Too Much Coffee
Many people like to start their day with a cup of hot coffee. And it is fine if coffee is consumed in moderate quantities. However, if you have been consuming more than 4 cups of coffee just to take a break and reduce stress, you could be putting yourself at high risk of developing illnesses in near future. If you wish to take a break to get over a mind-block, consider opting for a cup of green tea.
calling a friend unhealthy habit to de stress at office
3. Calling a Friend
This is a common way for people at work to release their stress. And it is fine if you are taking a short break for a quick conversation. However, a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, suggests that people who are continuously glued to their phone signify lack of attention, interest and efficiency at work. It is also reported to be disrespectful and annoying to others at your workplace.
visiting social media sites during work hours can prove offensive to seniors
4. Visiting Social Media Sites
Social media keeps you connected and updated. You may even use it for professional reasons. But, when you happen to use it for personal entertainment or for stress release during work hours it can get offensive to your seniors or co-workers.
frequent snacking at office harmful habit to relieve stress
5. Snacking
Emotions such as anger, boredom, frustration, sadness, stress, etc., have a direct impact on our eating habits.  And, many people are in the habit of turning to food for comfort or to deal with their emotions. You may not be really hungry but are just reaching for food to overcome your stress. Experts suggest that stress can trigger a drive to eat food and can be satisfied only with high-calorie sugary and fatty food items. This may happen as a spike in stress hormone “cortisol” increases the consumption of glucose by your brain and so your body demands a large amount of sugary food.
If stress is not managed, it can start managing you. But this does not mean that you indulge in habits that are unhealthy and ones that may cause more harm than any good. Think and switch to more healthy ways of stress management that give you long-term benefits. Regular exercise, meditation, yoga, massages, and hobbies (how about art therapy?) are some healthy ways to manage your stress. So, how are you planning to de-stress yourself today?
About the author
Sunil Rao is the co-founder of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, a chain of scientific health spas that provides solutions to lifestyle problems such as poor sleep, anxiety and fatigue.

Written By : Sunil Rao

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