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Travel scams to avoid in usa

Fake leather jacket scam
Location: Many cities across USA
The origins of this scam lie in Europe, but off late it has started to surface in a lot of American cities as well. A well-dressed man in a car will ask you for directions to some place nearby and on this pretext he will start a conversation with you. It will turn out he is an Armani sales guy or a fashion designer on his way to the airport. The problem is that he has a lot of Armani leather jackets, which he needs to get rid of before he flies out to avoid paying duties. He will offer you one, at an extremely heavy discount and you will be under the impression that you are getting a good deal. However, the jacket will not be made of leather nor will it be a genuine branded jacket.

Another variation to this scam is that the person will ask you for directions to the nearest gas station and get chatting with you to build trust. As a token of thanks, he will give you a leather jacket for free since he cannot carry so many jackets to the airport. But his credit card isn’t functional and he needs to fill gas in his car, so he will ask you if you can help him. Since you have got a free jacket, you would try to help him out by agreeing to give your card, while you try on the jacket. Do we need to tell what happens next?
Pizza recommendation scams to be aware of in usa

Pizza recommendation scam
Location: Orlando, USA
Orlando is famous for the Disney World amusement park. If you are staying at a hotel around the park, you may get pizza delivery fliers that are slipped under your hotel door. It may come with enticing pizza toppings and offer free room delivery. Some tired travellers may make the mistake of calling the pizza delivery outlet’s number on the said flier and end up giving their credit card details over the phone. The pizza never arrives and instead when these travellers go back to the room, they get a huge credit card bill.
Hat tip: If you are so fond of pizza, get out of your hotel room and go to the pizza outlet or offer to pay cash on delivery.

Music CD scam
Location: New York City, USA
Times Square in New York City is a tourist magnet and is throbbing with people any time of the day. Naturally, this presents a lot of opportunities for crooks to play their games. You will have a lot of street musicians around and someone will get friendly and give you a music CD saying, “Check out my music.” He will even come forward to autograph it. You would be thinking that this is a free CD and will keep it thinking you are helping promote indie music. Just when you are about to move on, you will be surrounded by this ‘musician’ and his buddies who will demand money from you—around $10-$20—to avoid causing further nuisance.
Unloading bags top travel scams in usa

Unloading bags at Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Cabbies in Las Vegas are notorious for pulling off this scam, especially if you are using a cab service to go to your hotel from the airport and have multiple bags. The cabbie will offer to unload your bags at the hotel and in the middle of it, will tell you that a new customer is calling and he has to leave urgently. All this happens fast and only after the cab has disappeared from your field of view will you realise that you are missing one bag.

Hat tip: Let the hotel staff unload your luggage. If a cabbie is insistent on doing so, ensure it happens under your supervision.

Written By : Nimish Uday

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