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The most exclusive poker sets

Bourdon Poker SetAlfred Dunhill

Bourdon Poker Set by Alfred Dunhill
This hand-crafter poker set comes enveloped in an Italian cowhide Bourdon leather case with stainless steel trimmings. It features two sets of playing cards, 339 chips and five dice.
Price: ₹94,000 approximately

Cartier’s mother-of-pearl poker set

Cartier’s mother-of-pearl poker set
The House of Cartier’s exquisite poker set has been prepared like an intricately carved piece of jewellery. The box, made of sycamore wood and mother-of-pearl marquetry, comes in shades of grey, black, red, and white. The box is adorned with striped sides with a checkerboard pattern on the lid, gold-plated hardware and an Art Deco-style gold Cartier key plate, while the dealer chips are made of solid silver.
Price: ₹6,21,000 approximately

The Buckingham PokerBox

The Buckingham Poker Box
This handmade ebony inlaid poker box with maple ‘mysterio’ design (hand holding three cards) contains solid brass fittings covered in 18 carat rose gold. In a bid to customise it for every owner, the interiors come engraved with the owner’s initals set in laurel leaf cluster on the 18-carat rose-gold-plated box lid.
Price: ₹2,080,700 approximately


The most expensive poker set by Geoffrey Parker
For those who desire nothing but the best, British game manufacturer Geoffrey Parker has created the most expensive poker set in the world. With a price tag of a whopping ₹33 crore (approximately), this poker set comes wrapped in a genuine alligator skin case, with 18-carat white gold combination locks to hold the 384 chips. The chips themselves are also made of white gold with the edge of each piece glimmering with precious stones. The customer can customise the currency and denomination as per his requirement.
Price: ₹33 crore approximately

Written By : Ruchika Vyas

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