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The lazy man’s cheat sheet for staying fit

Haven’t we all been guilty of skipping our workout and scarfing down a hamburger at some point? Here’s how you can ease your guilt without kicking into overdrive.
take stairs to stay fit
#1 Take the stairs
Ditch the lift and take the stairs. This simple lifestyle change can do wonders for your health. Start slow with two floors on your first day and gradually add floors and increase your pace. Walking downstairs can be hard on your knees. So take the stairs up and opt for the elevator on your way down.
free hand excerise for lazy people
#2 Opt for free hand exercises
If you’re too lazy to hit the gym, this is the perfect substitute for you. Free hand exercises won’t take you more than 20 minutes to do and will keep you fit with minimal effort. To learn various exercises using the correct techniques, read our article on body weight exercises you can do anywhere.
drink water fight skin imperfections
#3 Drink water
Replace your soda with water. This will help you cut down on sugar, thus fighting those extra calories. Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day will also help flush out the toxins from your body. Your health is reflected through your skin, and drinking ample water will fight skin imperfections while also keeping your body cool.
walking best exercise for lazy people
#4 Your feet are the best mode of transport!
While it maybe easy to get to your destination by car, walking goes a long way in keeping you fit. Try walking as much as possible during the day. Park your car at a good distance from your destination so that you get your daily dose of exercise.
healthy snacks to stay fit
#5 Switch to healthier snacks
Instead of stuffing yourself with chips and biscuits, opt for healthier options. Pack fruits, dry fruits and other healthy snacks for work. They’re just what you need to keep a check on those junk food cravings.

Written By : Mahalakshmi K

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