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MUST WATCH: The High-Octane Race

Video games with physical components have seen a great deal of success in the recent past. A year ago, Anki, a robotics and artificial intelligence company based in San Francisco launched Anki Drive — a video game that takes place in the real world.
On Thursday, the company released an interesting and thrilling video of the same in stop-motion graphics. The thrilling video has been created by famous the YouTube stop-motion artist ForrestFire101 who earned recognition through his work on the “Lego Guardians of the Galaxy” earlier this year.
The video features a deadly race with deadly stunts, gadgets and plenty of explosions that hearkens back to Speed Racer or Death Race 2000. The video portrays the cars’ personalities, perks, and virtual weapons to perfection. Anki Drive works with both, iOS and Android devices; the company launched at an Apple keynote in 2013.
Watch the video and let us know what do you think



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