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The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo doesn’t look like the 3-Series that we all can spot sleepwalking. It’s bigger, it’s coupe-like and it drives like anything but BMW. Here are some notes from our first drive.
BMW 3 series gran turismo ExteriorThe exterior
The 3 Series GT is a longer, wider version of the 3 Series. It’s for the first time that India has seen a 3 Series on a bigger wheelbase. As a result, you’d almost mistake it to be a 5 Series; until you’d notice its coupe-like rear. No doubt it’s a gorgeous looking car. I have always maintained that the 3 Series is way too cramped to be a luxurious car. But then you don’t care because the compact exterior makes the 3 Series a great handling vehicle. With the 3 Series GT, the road presence isn’t really an issue. Its bigger wheelbase ensures people give it due respect; often reserved for the 5 Series. The shoulder-line travels all the way back to the taillights, while the roofline dips like a classic coupe.  I see a little bit of the M6 in the way its roofline merges into the coupe-like rear. Simply stunning.
BMW 3 series GT InteriorsThe interior
The longish wheelbase has the most telling impact on the interiors of the car. There’s enough space at the rear to throw a bachelor party! For once, I’d tell you to be in the backseat of a BMW. It’s very spacious and comfortable, unlike those dugout rear seats one associates with Beemer sedans. The rear seat comes with a 40:20:40 split. Practically, you can use it to carry your home with you. The dashboard, the steering, the central console, everything is unmistakably BMW, ergonomic and classy. The real fun is at the cargo space. The two-part parcel shelf can be used as a storage compartment when the tailgate is open; a brilliant innovation.  What makes the 3 GT a rear seat car is the relative high-positioning of the backseat when compared with the 3 Series. The best part? Three full-grown adults can sit comfortably at the back.
BMW 3 series GT ReviewPerformance and handling
The 3 Series GT has the familiar two-litre engine, generating a modest 184 bhp. With up to 380 Nm torque, it accelerates the vehicle from a standing start to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and can reach a speed of up to 230 km/h. Fuel consumption is an efficient 19.59 Km/l. Now, these numbers aren’t impressive, but then, it’s a 3 Series. These numbers aren’t half as bad, considering you have a lot of room to not worry about lack of punch in the drive; yet another reason engineers at BMW want you to be at the rear seat of this one, rather than behind the wheel. Also, since it’s heavier, wider, longer and bigger than the 3 Series, it’s not great at cornering at high speed. Trust me, come at the rear and enjoy the view on high-positioned seats.
Another great thing about the GT is again on the rear side—the spoiler. As you speed-off, the spoiler at the back comes into the play to ensure you hold onto the driving line. Still cornering isn’t fun on this one.
The verdict
It’s a family sedan with great luggage space and luxurious backseat that costs approximately ₹43 lakh. Make sure you let your chauffer drive.

Written By : Anoop Chugh

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