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Lechal: Shoes That Will Never Let You Get Lost Again

Wearable technology is very much in vogue. While gadgets like the much-anticipated Google Glass have now been termed as creepy and invasive, devices that help us quantify every bit of our lives—from sleep to calories burnt—continue to be favourites. That’s probably why the FitBit is still all the rage. Now, a new device that’s built into a pair of shoes is all set to change the way we wear our gadgets.
Lechal Shoes best wearable technologyWhat is Lechal?
Lechal, the brainchild of Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence of the Secunderabad-based Ducere Technologies, is an interactive haptic footwear product, available as a pair of shoes or as insoles. Once you don the Lechal shoes, or place the insoles in your own pair of shoes, they turn into a wearable navigation device and a fitness tracker. Lechal, which translates as ‘take me there’ in Hindi, is the first of the wearable pieces of technology that the company has introduced. The developers have plans to delve deeper into this space with the aim of delivering the ultimate user experience through innovative products.
Lechal Bluetooth Insoles ShoesHow it works for fitness enthusiasts
An app (compatible with Android, iOS and Windows), downloadable on your smartphone, pairs with the Lechal footwear product via Bluetooth. Using the app, you’ll not only be able to count the number of steps walked, but you can also track your calories burnt. The app also offers options to set goals and custom workout sessions.
How it works as a navigation device
However, the real beauty of Lechal that sets it apart from other pieces of wearable technology is its ability to act as a navigational device. On setting a destination using the Lechal smartphone app, the shoes guide the person wearing them from their current location to their designated destination. It does this by letting the user know where and when to turn by causing either the left shoe to vibrate or buzz when a left turn is indicated, or the right shoe for a right turn.
Why we really love Lechal
Lechal was initially designed to help the visually challenged with mobility. The developers have decided that the higher the sales of the product, the more subsidised the cost of the shoes would be for a visually-challenged person.
We also love these shoes because they look rather sleek, unlike most fitness tracking devices that need to be worn on your body. Lechal can easily be integrated into your life without the hassle or disruption of being a device. A glance at the Lechal shoe will have you believe it’s a regular shoe that looks sporty; futuristic even. Thankfully, this invention might help do away with those bulky smartwatches, which we can’t exactly imagine ourselves wearing for the sake of tracking or quantifying our health.
Lastly, the shoes and insoles can be charged using a dual battery USB charger that claims to be the world’s first interactive charger. The charger does, indeed, respond to audio cues like a finger snap by emitting a tone that indicates the battery charge level.
Lechal Bluetooth footwear wearable technology
The Lechal product pack includes a pair of footwear (insoles or shoes), a charger and a downloadable app. Both the shoes and the insoles—the latter fits into almost every shoe—are antibacterial, and washable once the battery is removed. At 6,118 for a pair of shoes that offers much more than just being a superficial fashion item, Lechal is definitely worth a buy. More importantly, you’ll help make this product more accessible to the visually challenged, the main reason for which it was invented.

Written By : Beverly Pereira

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