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How to pack lighter

You might be a fashion maven who wants to be pictured in different outfits in different locations. However, carting around that kind of luggage is not only ridiculous but also expensive. There are a lot of pluses to travelling lighter:
1. You get to save on baggage fees and use it to spend on your travels instead.
2. You don’t want your trip to be ruined with a strained back. Less luggage translates to less heaving and pushing.
3. You won’t always have access to smooth ramps. It’s easier to get around with one bag instead of four.
4. You might want to shop and you are going to need room for all your new stuff too.
5. Less luggage means less things to worry about losing.
tips to pack smart and light for travel
So now that we have you convinced (hopefully) that travelling lighter is the way to go, here’s how you can pack and travel lighter.
Pick a small bag
It’s rather tempting to take your large and comfy suitcase and then randomly dump stuff in. However, it is a proven fact that the larger the suitcase the more you will be tempted to fill it with stuff you aren’t going to need. Use a small, compact-sized suitcase or better still, a duffel bag.
Pack outside your suitcase
It is easier to pick stuff from your wardrobe and dump it straight into the suitcase. However, it makes sense to first lay out your stuff on the bed. When you see the heaps of clothing, shoes, gadgets, toiletries, and other travelling paraphernalia, you will be forced to rethink your packing strategy and pare down some items at least.
how to pack light for a trip
Plan your outfits
Just like your fancy evening shirt is going to be out of place at the beach, you don’t really need Bermuda shorts (ugh! Please tell us you aren’t still wearing these) on a business trip. Take into consideration the purpose behind your travel first, the weather second, and the activities and events lined up third.
Make a list
Lists are mandatory for meticulous packing. While you don’t want to go overboard with packing, you also don’t want to miss out on the essentials. Besides, you must put everything you think you are going to need down on paper and review the list to be able to strike out what is absolutely useless to the things you can easily do without. Lists are also necessary if you tend to be forgetful.
Weigh your options
Jeans weigh more than trousers and chinos. Pack the lighter stuff. Pick clothes that do double duty, can be easily worn in two-three other ways and combinations.
Wear the heaviest items
Wear your comfiest pair of denims instead of packing them. They also provide some sort of insulation and warmth on long flights. Also, your sturdy boots weigh far too much to be thrown in with the luggage. Wear them while you are travelling. You can carry a lighter pair with you.
Pick a palette
It makes sense to stick to basic colours when picking clothes. Now, we don’t mean you get yourself an all-black attire. But shades of grey, brown, blue, green and earthy neutrals for both, tops and bottoms work best while travelling. These pieces can be easily mixed-and-matched with each other. Plus, you can always dress up your outfit with accessories like belts, watches, ties and scarves.
Tiny toiletries
Ideally, you should buy your toiletries after you reach your destination. However, some people are very finicky about using tried-and-tested products – Besides, your favourite brand of after-shave might not be available everywhere. In which case, it makes sense to pack your toiletries in tiny, sample-sized bottles.
packing tips to follow while travelling
Roll not fold
The best way to pack your clothes is to roll them to resemble little sausages. They occupy far less space than when kept folded. Another benefit is relatively less creasing plus, you can stuff it around harder stuff like your toiletry bag and shoes to keep them in place and prevent them from moving around. Also, pack your socks and chargers inside the shoes!

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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