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How to host the perfect Oscar themed party

The 87th Academy Film Awards will be held in LA this Sunday and it’s the perfect time to toast Hollywood’s biggest stars with your very own Oscar themed party. Our three D’s will help you host a glamorous do at your home.
how to host perfect oscar themed party bow ties tuxedos
Dress Code
The Oscars wouldn’t be the same without the paparazzi, and the first thing that gets the shutterbugs going is the ensemble of the celebrities. Channel the same style frenzy by sending out a dress code must-do in your invite for the party. Ask your guests to don bow ties, tuxedos and evening gowns and be at their fashionable best.
drinks for party champagne sparkling apple cider
Drinks & dinner
Popping the bubbly at an Oscar themed party is inevitable. Apart from champagne, offer your friends some 007 Martinis as you play ‘Predict the winner’. Sparkling apple cider is another must-do for the evening. A movie celebration is unimaginable without buttered popcorn and rightfully so; ask your caterers to organize a creative menu with popcorn as well as food from famous films (like the frittata from Morning Glory) to keep to the theme and tempt your friends’ appetites too.
oscar awards screening party décor selfies
Go all out on glitter or give your party a luxe touch with the quintessential red carpet to create the feel of the Academy Awards studio. If that’s too OTT, simply pick red, black and gold drapes for the party area and sprinkle gold confetti on the table for added sparkle. Usher in your guests with a golden wreath to magnify the glam quotient. Draw a movie clapper on a chalkboard as a prop, and don’t forget the Oscar selfie!

Written By : Mili Semlani

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