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Golf etiquette 101: 7 things you should know!

Golf is as much about the way you conduct yourself on the course as it is about the game itself. If you’re unsure about how many clubs to carry or don’t know if you should be picking up after yourself, consider these seven tips to be a handy guide at your next golf game.
warm up before your golf game to perform better
✔ Not only does warming up ensure that you perform better, it also ensures that you and your group don’t lose your slot and have to wait endlessly for another one to open up. Reach the course at least 30 minutes prior to your tee time and warm up on the practise-putting area.
✔ Borrowing golf clubs is against the rules, so ensure that you carry every iron you need. A count of 14 clubs is acceptable, so ensure that you’re carrying a range. Apart from showing that you’re unprepared, borrowing clubs can actually disturb other players.
cool tips to follow golf etiquettes
✔ Tipping is an integral part of the golfing experience at most premier courses. So, right from your caddy to your cart jockey, ensure that you tip well. Calculate your tip with reference to what you’re paying to play at the course.
✔ If you’re playing in a group, ensure that you match everyone else’s pace. It is extremely rude to keep everyone else waiting. Plan your shot while you are approaching the ball and take no longer than 45 seconds to hit a shot once you’ve chosen your club.
✔ Even if you’re having a bad day on the course, keep the frustration under wraps. Aggressive behaviour and profanity go against golf etiquette, so don’t let an outburst ruin the atmosphere for everyone else.
know your golf etiquettes before your game begins
✔ You wouldn’t want to play from a patchy spot, so ensure that you extend the same courtesy to other players. Replace divots or patch them up with the seed mix that most golf carts have.
✔ While you’re waiting for another player to play his shot, stay absolutely still. It is incredibly rude to practise your shot or engage in light-hearted banter while someone else is trying to focus. Similarly, ensure that you are not stepping on another player’s putting line.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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