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Barrel peg measure best Bar Accessories

Barrel Peg Measure
Made of iron and stainless steel, this mini barrel is something you’ll definitely need to measure your 30 and 60mls. Hopefully it will keep you from getting too drunk too soon. From Happily Unmarried, it’s about three inches tall. Price: ₹500

Polka Masti Rubber coasters popular Bar Accessories

Polka Masti Rubber Coasters
Offering a glimpse of vibrant India, these colourful coasters from India Circus by Krsna Mehta appeal to a kitschy design sensibility. This quirky set celebrates the landscapes and culture of our country. Made of PVC rubber, they come in a sex of six. Price: ₹499

Amargiri bottle holder awesome Bar Accessories

Amargiri Bottle Holder
An elegant bottle holder, this Amargiri design makes for a creative and stylish way to hold your favourite liquor. The blue and gold ethnic design will definitely impress your friends. This is made of medium density fibreboard. Price: ₹1,665

Wall Tree wine rack cool Bar Accessories

Wall Tree Wine Rack
This is one unit that’ll help you store your wine bottles in style. Inspired by nature, this wine rack from Shaz Living is sure to impress your guests, especially those who appreciate wine. Made out of steel, the rack is quite sturdy and can hold up to five bottles at a time. Price: ₹1,791

Drinking roulette top Bar Accessories

Drinking Roulette:
A house party is always much better with drinking games. This Drinking Roulette from eShack is sure to make drinks with friends even more fun than it usually is. Combining the famous Russian roulette with shots and voila—that’s all you need! Price: ₹2,720

Tap Bottle stopper home Bar Accessories

Tap Bottle Stopper
Who would’ve thought a bottle stopper could be so cool! Ideal for wine bottles, even for storing them overnight in the refrigerator, this can also be used to keep beer from going flat in the bottle after you’ve opened it. From Happily Unmarried, this one is made of steel and brass. Price: ₹500

Written By : M Jansen

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