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Dangerous fad diets

Instant gratification! It’s the mantra we all live by. However, taking that approach towards health and fitness is only going to lead you downhill. There is no easy and swift way to losing weight and staying healthy in the process. Miracle diets that cause drastic weight loss are too good to be true and yet so many people fall prey to these fads. Listed below are some extreme, crazy and not to mention unhealthy fads:
dangerous diets to avoid
Tapeworm Diet
So you consume tapeworm cyst pills (yes, this is an actual thing!), so as to introduce tapeworms to grow and mature inside your intestines. Said tapeworms will eat all the food you consume until you start losing weight. You then pop an anti-parasite pill to excrete the tapeworms out of your system when you have reached your ideal weight. Easy-peasy? Err, no. For one, tapeworms can get really long (upto 30 feet even) and wreck your system and cause a multitude of problems like diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, and epilepsy as well. Besides there is every possibility of piling on all the weight you have lost when you kill the parasite.
Baby food Diet
True this diet isn’t gross like the Tapeworm Diet, moreover the mere mention of babies brings cute images to mind. So what’s a name like this doing on a list like this? For starters you are not a baby, you have a full set of healthy, functioning teeth and there is nothing even remotely appealing about a grown up eating tiny jars of puréed food. Just learn portion control and lose weight more realistically.
worst weight loss diets
KE Diet or the Feeding Tube Diet
So the list goes from gross to ridiculous to abominable. Why would a normal human being with a functioning digestive system agree to be fed a low calorie, protein and fat-rich diet sans any carbs through a feeding tube that is (no bigger than a strand of spaghetti) inserted through his nose and empties right into his stomach? This form of feeding your body (if it can even be called that) makes your body go into ketosis, burning your fat at a quicker pace. However, constipation, kidney stones, dehydration, dizziness, headaches are just some of the complications associated with this diet.
Werewolf Diet
Bizarre! That’s how we would like to describe this diet and we bet you too would be nodding your head in assent once you read what it is about. So the science or rather, thought behind this diet is that like tidal waves depend on the moon, so does body weight since humans are also made of water (no! this is no fairytale). So fasting during a full or new moon can cleanse your body, get rid of water weight and toxins thereby helping you lose up to six pounds in one day. Water, moon, wolves, get the connection? We don’t either!

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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