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You do not need to head to the gym to get fit. Here are some effective exercises that can be done anywhere, at home or in the hotel room when travelling, ensuring that there is no excuse to forgo your workout.
plain jane push up exercise for muscle building
#1 The ‘plain jane’ push-up
The humble and easy-to-do push up is a great way to build your chest, shoulder muscles and triceps. You can increase the intensity by placing your feet in an elevated position to increase the impact. Another fact is that the push-up is a great way to stabilise your lower back and torso.
bodyweight squat exercise to do at home
#2 ‘Squats’ to you!
Apart from being a great way to check your ankle, hip and thoracic mobility, bodyweight squats are a great way to condition your body. They help to increase your body temperature or warm up before more strenuous exercise. As you get started, keep in mind that for best results, keep your back to the wall. This will also help you perfect the technique.
pull up best way to build mass
#3 ‘Pull-up’ yourself
Known to be the best way to build mass, especially for your back, pull-ups can be easily modified to build specific muscles. They are a great compound exercise for the upper body where entire groups of muscles get a workout with one exercise. They can also be a way to loose body fat and experts suggest reducing the time in between sets to achieve better results.
#4 Squats, the Bulgarian way
Bulgarian squats help to build muscle such as hamstring, calves and quads as well as strengthen the legs. They also increase the stability of the knee and enable better movement of the hips. Bulgarian squats are known to help improve the knees and hips. The benefits include getting the body into its anabolic state as well as releasing large amounts of testosterone.
#5 Ab roll-outs
Kneel on the floor with the ab roller in front of you and hold the roller with an easy grip. Starting at this position, slowly roll the ab roller forward, stretching your body out before slowly coming back to the original position. Easy to do, this exercise essentially works on the torso to build strength.

Written By : Rishabh Agarwal

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