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Are you getting your dose of Golf Fitness?

Your golfing skills may be up to the mark, but what good are they if you’re tiring out easily on the course? Apart from patience and precision, it is absolutely essential that you keep yourself physically fit to improve your game. Here’s a look at what you can do.
build stamina andendurance with cardio training
Cardio training
Playing the 18 holes of golf takes time and hence requires long periods of physical activity. Cardio training—cycling, running or even walking—builds your stamina and increases your endurance on the course.
Body-control exercises
Greater body control helps a golfer hit better shots on the course. This can be achieved through a simple exercise: Place an old pillow on the floor. With one foot on the pillow, lift the other leg off the ground till your knee is at the same level as your belt line. Balance as long as you can and then switch to the other foot.
Higher flexibility to improve golf swing
Higher flexibility improves the accuracy of your golf swing, which you can achieve with a little bit of dry-practise. Hold your golf club and practice your swing, but without the ball. All you need is sufficient space at home or even your workplace!
hip exercise to keep you physically fit
Hip exercises
An effective golf swing requires the golfer to rotate his hips. A simple exercise that can make your waist more flexible is to lie flat on the ground with your back to the floor and move one of your knees to your chest while keeping the other leg extended. Hold each knee for about 30 seconds before switching.
Strong lower back
The lower back acts as the fulcrum for your golf swing. It is essential to exercise your back regularly to avoid strain and muscle damage. There are two simple exercises you can try:
✔  Stand with your back pressed against a wall. Keep your feet apart, in line with your shoulders and a foot from the wall. Now bend your knees to a 45-degree angle with your back pressed against the wall and hold the pose for about ten seconds before slowly returning to your original position.
✔  Stand facing the wall with your weight balanced evenly between two feet. Now slowly lift your heel and return it to the ground. Take support of the wall with your hands.
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Written By : Rishabh Agarwal

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