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All you need to know about golf irons

What are golf irons?
Comprising the majority in any set of golf clubs (the others being putters and woods), golf irons, as the name suggests, are made of metal heads, usually iron or stainless steel. A standard golf set will typically constitute 7–11 irons. The most distinct feature of a golf iron is that it has a flat, narrow and slightly angled head with grooves carved into it, as opposed to wooden clubs, which have rounded heads. While wooden clubs are used for long-range shots, irons are used for shorter-approach shots or to extract the ball from narrow spaces or casual water.
understanding golf irons
Understanding golf irons
The variety of golf irons that make up a single set can throw a novice off-balance, and to make the most of your golf irons, it is essential to understand how they are labelled. Iron clubs are typically numbered from 1 to 9, with the most commonly used range falling between 3 and 9. As the number goes higher, the range of the shot decreases. Based on this distinction, irons can be divided into three categories.
✔ Long irons: Ranging from 14, these are used for long approaches
✔ Middle irons: Ranging from 57
✔ Short irons: Irons numbered 8 and 9
numbered golf iron set
Apart from the numbered irons, there are others that are labelled with letters. These fall under yet another category of irons known as wedges. Shorter than the rest of the irons and with a heavier head, a wedge is used in special situations such as while playing on soft surfaces like mud or thick grass, or to achieve greater accuracy in short-range shots. Wedges fall under four sub-categories—pitching wedge (PW), utility wedge (UW), sand wedge (SW) and lob wedge (LW)—ranging from the longest to the shortest range.
choosing the right golf iron
Choosing the right irons
It is essential to pick the right kind of golf irons depending upon your skill level, and a lot of it has to do with the make of the iron.
✔ Head design: Perfect for beginners, a large head will enable you to get the ball into the air more quickly while absorbing vibrations, giving you greater accuracy even in poorly hit shots. A midsized head is ideal for amateurs looking to enter professional golf, while a traditional or blade-style head provides greater leeway in manoeuvring the ball and is usually used by professional golfers at the top of their game.
✔ Shaft type: Shaft refers to the long, tapering tube with which the golfer handles the club. Heavier steel shafts are most often used by professionals as they provide the player with greater control, while the lighter graphite ones are better at absorbing vibrations.
✔ Shaft flex: Shafts are categorised based on their flexibility as Regular (R), Stiff (S), Extra Stiff (X), Senior (A) and Ladies (L). More flexible shafts like L, A and R are best suited for slow swing-speed players, while stiffer ones like S and X are better for higher swing speeds.
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Written By : Neehar Mishra

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