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AD Singh—THE CIGAR Connoisseur

Your favourite cigars – Cuban and non-Cuban?
“Cuban, of course.”

How should you taste a cigar? Every cigar does not taste the same to everyone.
“I enjoy the smell of a cigar and so take a moment on that. You can usually tell what it’s going to be like right then.”

If you are smoking multiple cigars, how should you space it out?
“I don’t smoke multiple cigars.”

How do you pair your cigar with your single malt? Any interesting pairings you would like to share…
“I normally have it on its own.”

Is it good to invest in a humidor?
“Most retailed humidors are hardy.”

What makes Olive the most coveted hot spot in India?
“Olive offers people the chance to experience delicious food and good wine in a comfortable laidback setting. The ambience is lovely and there’s always a buzz. Olive has a very Mediterranean vibe and people here sit for hours talking, eating, laughing and drinking.”

Your idea of a perfect day.
“Time with my family and sports with my friends.”

How do you interpret style?
“An expression of your personal taste.”

5 tips to host a great party.
“Make sure the music suits the mood.”

Invite a mixed bunch of guests.
“Food should be bite sized and portable, not messy. Do something innovative with the drinks. Enjoy yourself.”

Your 7 favourite party destinations and why?
“I love Goa for its ability to transform from an easy laidback beachy place to a hardcore party spot in the blink of an eye. Barcelona to me is the most beautiful culture in the world. It’s a happy and comfortable and you can find a party at any time of the day or night. Prague is my other preferred destination which is a true gentleman’s city. I like Bangkok which I recently visited. I started a night at a very sleek rooftop champagne bar and ended it with a drink at a portable roadside stall. One of the most versatile party destinations in the world is Amsterdam, which combines the weirdest with the whackiest. I also enjoy visiting Cape Town which is simply beautiful and Sydney which offers variety.”

If you weren’t a restaurateur what would you be?
“I would be heading NGOs.”

Written By : Manish Mishra

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