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9 cocktail glasses every at-home bartender should own!

cocktail glasses for bartender
Picking a different cocktail glass for each drink not only is a fun exercise, but also enhances its appearance,  heightens the flavour, increases its longevity and boosts the aroma. If you entertain on a regular basis or simply enjoy wrapping up a long day with a cocktail from your home bar, take a look at these 9 glasses you need to stock up on.
martini glass best for chilled drinks
#1 Martini glass
This glass is also known as a cocktail glass and is best suited for drinks that are served chilled, but without ice. It has a long stem that doesn’t bring down the temperature of the drink and a wide mouth that helps you get the full impact of the drink’s aroma. As the name suggests, it is widely used to serve martinis, but any potent cocktail that is consumed in small portions pairs well with this glass.
Maximum capacity: 280ml approximately
margarita glass for bartender
#2 Margarita glass
A version of the champagne coupe, the margarita glass is a saucer-shaped glass attached to a long stem. Legend has it that the top half of the glass was widened to create a larger rim for salt to stick to when serving a margarita. However, it is also used to serve daiquiris or other frozen drinks which contain crushed ice.
Maximum capacity: 280ml approximately
collins glass or highball glasses perfect for drinks
#3 Collins glass or Highball glass
A highball glass is usually a tall glass with straight or slightly angled sides. It is usually used to serve highball drink, which is mix of alcohol and a mixer (cola or juice), where the quantity of the mixer is higher than that of the alcohol. It is also known as a Collins glass, as it is also used to serve Tom Collins, another popular drink. Additionally, you can use it to serve straight-up juices and soft drinks.
Maximum capacity: 400ml approximately
whiskey glasses or lowball glasses ideal to serve cocktails
#4 Whiskey glass or Lowball Glass
Essentially short, stout tumblers, lowball glasses are used to serve whiskey and muddled drinks such as mojitos or other cocktails with whiskey as its base. These glasses are also known as rocks glasses, and as the name suggests, they’re ideal for drinks that are served on the rocks.
Maximum capacity: 250ml approximately
champagne flute best glasses to serve champagne
#5 Champagne Flute
A tall, slim glass with a stem, a champagne flute is used exclusively to serve champagne or a cocktail that uses champagne as its base. The fluted portion of the glass helps keep the effervescence intact, whereas the stem keeps it from warming up too quickly. Also, as the fluted glass slows down the movement of the bubbles and enhances the drink’s visual appearance.
Maximum capacity: 200ml approximately
wine glasses bartenders should own
#6 Wine Glass
Made up of a foot, stem and bowl, a wine glass is shaped differently for different kinds of wine. A red wine glass has a wider mouth and bigger bowl that allows the wine to breathe and develop. A white wine glass is tulip-shaped, as this reduces the surface area of the wine and keeps it cold for longer. A rose wine glass has a short bowl and a slight taper to encourage its sweetness and add a sense of balance. Wine is a beverage that must be had at optimal temperature and holding it by the long stem stops this temperature from being altered.
Maximum capacity: 250-300ml approximately
hurricane glasses for tropical cocktails
#7 Hurricane glass
In essence this glass is simply a variation of the highball glass and can be used to serve any cocktail. However, traditionally, tropical cocktails such as a chi-chi or a pina colada are served in a hurricane glass. Interestingly, these glasses get their name from hurricane lamps because they resemble them.
Maximum capacity: 300ml approximately
shot glasses ready to serve neat
#8 Shot glass
It is a really small glass that’s shaped much like a low ball glass. It is used to serve shooters (usually of neat alcohol such as whiskey, tequila or vodka) and some cocktail recipes also call for it to be placed inside another glass.
Maximum capacity: 30-60ml approximately
brandy snifter or balloon glasses
#9 Brandy snifter or balloon glass
These glasses have a round bowl and a short stem that is just long enough to accommodate your middle and ring finger. It is used to serve drinks such as brandy or cognac, where the short stem ensures that contact with your fingers helps warm the drink as you sip it.
Maximum capacity: 350ml approximately
Now that you know your glasses, tell us which cocktails are your favourites and we’ll give you some easy recipes!

Written By : Shirley Mistry & Nirati Agarwal

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