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7 Easy Swaps to Make This Your Healthiest Year Yet

When it comes to health, even small steps taken in the right direction go a long way. If your New Year resolution is to be your fittest and healthiest best, incorporating these simple swaps in your daily routine will surely bring you some positive results.
eggs best morning snack protein rich food
Pancakes for protein
Start your day on the right foot by packing in the protein instead of packing on the pounds. By incorporating protein-rich foods into your breakfast, you’re likely to stay fuller for longer and have less severe sugar cravings later in the day. So, instead of waking up to a stack of pancakes or a muffin with your coffee, consider some scrambled eggs or a vegetable juice topped with a teaspoon of spirulina. It’s bound to leave you wonderfully satisfied whilst setting you up for a healthy day ahead.
eat home cooked food
Eating out for home cooking
The joy of eating out cannot be understated and with the convenience of delivery apps we literally just need to move our fingers to be greeted by a delivery man with a box of delicious food. As convenient as this may be, it’s much better for us to opt for a home-cooked meal (yes, you can order those too)! When preparing food at home, you’re more likely to be mindful of what you’re putting into your dish, knowing that’s it’s soon going to be in your body. There is an abundance of recipes online, so find one you fancy, bring your speakers into the kitchen and pretend you’re plating up a dish for the Masterchef judges.
avocado nutrient rich healthy diet
Sugar for fat
The verdict is in: sugar’s the culprit and fat has been exonerated. After a hard few days, fat has finally been acquitted for its alleged ill doings. With the release of documentaries like Fed Up and That Sugar Film, the truth about the white stuff has been exposed in a big way. That’s not to say that you should go out and gorge on fried chicken, but healthy fats—like avocado and nuts—go a long way towards a healthy diet. So, stock up and enjoy the satisfying qualities of this macronutrient.
sparkling water healthy drink
Fizzy drinks for sparkling water
We all know that the black fizz isn’t good for us. We’ve seen videos of it taking off rust from cars and disintegrating teeth on YouTube. And yet, these fizzy drinks often feature quite prominently in our diet. To ensure this becomes your healthiest year yet, ditch the drink without giving up the fizz. Sparkling water is a great replacement for soda. Consider adding a wedge of lime to make it even more satisfying for your taste buds.
brown food with great nutritional value
White for brown
The processed white stuff—whether it’s rice, pasta or bread—has little, if any, nutritional value. Opt for the brown alternative to get your dose of gut-nourishing goodness from these foods. Alternatively, give your meal an even bigger health boost by choosing ingredients like quinoa or amaranth as a base. A quick search on Google will reveal a plethora of ways to incorporate these ingredients into your meal. You’ll be surprised to discover just how tasty this simple healthy swap can be!
early morning movement feel energised
Snooze for early morning movement
The allure is there, the reflex has become habitual—the motion of our hands reaching out to hit a button to give us an extra 10 minutes of dozing in an out of consciousness. Instead of playing this perpetual game of false alarm, get out of bed and use those extra minutes to move your body and get your blood pumping early in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a proper workout; just jumping around to a few of your favourite songs can be enough to get you feeling energised and ready to brace the day.
healthy mindful eating to stay fit
Munching on the go for mindful eating
With the high-pressure jobs and constant influx of things to do, it’s convenient to optimise our meals by flicking through our updated social media feed or watching the programme we missed on TV. While these activities might be very engaging, they reduce our ability to gauge our hunger and determine when we’re full. A consequence of this is eating more than we intended on or feeling hungry even after our meal is finished. By practising the habit of mindful eating, you can become more in tune to what your body is trying to tell you as you become more aware of your satiety. It also helps you appreciate the intricate flavours that have been woven together to create the dish before you.

Written By : Emma Grewal

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