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6 reasons you need to start swimming

Tones your core, speeds up metabolism, all-inclusive workout, zero risk of injury. If this isn’t convincing enough, allow us to help you build your faith and get you to dive into this aquatic workout headfirst!
top benefits of swimming
Complete fitness
Right from burning calories, to strengthening, sculpting and toning your body, swimming is an all-round workout.
Helps your heart
The cardiovascular conditioning that comes with swimming helps in maintaining a healthy heart.
Except for running the risk of drowning (which is not likely to happen if you swim at a pool with round-the-clock lifeguards), swimming is practically a zero-injury workout. It is the best activity for people who have joint problems or are recovering from an injury.
Muscle strength
With a combination of cardio and resistance training, swimming helps in building lean muscle and boosts metabolism. It not only strengthens but also helps lengthening muscles and enhances their flexibility.
stay fit and healthy with swimming
Good for lungs
Swimming improves the health of your lungs and breathing capacity. Since you are working out in a moist environment, it is especially beneficial for people with asthma or exercise-induced asthma.
No fancy equipment
All you need is a pair of trunks and goggles and a cap and you’re all set for your workout. There is absolutely nothing else that you need to go swimming, except maybe a tube of sunscreen!
It is fun, calming and refreshing, all at the same time
Swim alone and it is a peaceful and calming activity Hit the pool with your buddies and it’s a fun one. Bottom line, you will always come out feeling refreshed or energised (or pleasantly exhausted depending on your level of fitness).

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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