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5 tips to lose your beer belly

If you relish every sip of beer but think it’s high time you got rid of that bulging waistline, these 5 tips will help get you back into shape.
how to reduce your beer belly
Don’t give up beer all together
If you deprive yourself entirely, chances are you’re going to crave beer like never before. Also, having beer in moderation helps reduce stress and lowers your risk of heart disease, if German experts are to be believed. To start with, cut down your beer intake by half and work your way down to one-third. Stay healthy by eating small, healthy meals through the day that include low-fat meats, whole grains, raw and fresh fruit and vegetables along with foods that contain soluble fibre.
Sign up for interval training and aerobics
Interval training is extremely effective at burning fat, but to initiate sustained weight loss, you need to boost your body’s aerobic conditioning—which is what pushes your body to use fat reserves as fuel, thereby eliminating it.
reduce foods with fat eat healthy
Don’t eliminate fat all together
If you skip all forms of fat to make way for beer calories, you’re not helping yourself lose the beer belly. Good fats are crucial when it comes to boosting your metabolism, burning fat and reducing your cravings for unhealthy fats.
exercise to lose body fat
Follow this up with toning exercises
Once you’ve made sustained efforts to lose belly fat, follow it up with toning exercises to help tone your muscles and work your way towards a visibly flat tummy.
Don’t replace food
Beer is extremely calorific as far as alcoholic beverages go and a lot of ardent beer lovers make the mistake of skipping meals to accommodate or justify consuming calories through a pint or 2 of beer. Skipping meals makes your metabolism sluggish, which means when you glug down a pint at the end of the day, it becomes harder for your body to burn the calories.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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