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5 Tips for healthy workday eating

We are all guilty of grabbing a packet of biscuits on our way out to work, picking up a takeaway on our way back home or munching on a bag of chips and coffee when we’re up late. But instead of quick fixes like these, including these 5 tips in your daily routine will keep you healthy, increase your productivity at work and make you feel more at ease.
smart stocking food in refrigerator healthy eating
#1 Smart stocking
While stocking up your refrigerator and shelves, keep the healthier items in the front. If you lay your eyes on them first, chances are you will pick them right away before looking around for more.
sleep inducing food to feel relax
#2 Help yourself to sleep-inducing items
Sleep has a direct correlation with our diet, so include some sleep-inducing foods in your dinner. Milk, almonds, lettuce and bananas are not only healthy but are also known to help you sleep better and make you feel more relaxed when you wake up the next day.
plan food menu in advance healthy eating habit
#3 Set your menu in advance
If possible, plan the menu for the coming week in advance, so you can use the weekend to shop and make sure you have everything you need. This prevents you from running out of food and reduces your chances of eating out or resorting to unhealthy quick fixes.
keep energy booster food handy at workplace
#4 Keep energy boosters handy
Keep energy boosters like fresh fruits, nuts, dark chocolates and energy bars handy, both at work and at home, to take care of the dreaded slump that grips you in the middle of the day or when you stay up late in the night.
avoid sugar caffeine intake healthy eating habit
#5 Avoid sugar and caffeine
Control your caffeine and sugar intake. Both are quick fixes that give you a temporary boost of energy, but wear you down eventually, making you feel lazy and lethargic. So, the next time you have a sweet craving, opt for a fruit, dates or a healthy smoothie.

Written By : Mona Punjabi

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