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5 reasons your workout routine isn’t working

If you’re committed to working out and find time every single day to implement your fitness routine, it can be terribly upsetting to see little to no results. While your technique might be all right, here are 5 other reasons that could be accountable.
healthy mix of exercise workout routine
You’re in a rut
While it is good to stick to a mix of cardio and weights, it is imperative that you change your exercises every 4 weeks. This is the right time frame for your body to push itself and gain benefits. Any longer and your body will get used to the workout, not find it challenging and therefore making your workout a lot less effective.
do not rely on cardio machine calorie burnt display
You’re relying on the machine’s display
If you’re taking solace in the figure that the ‘calories burnt’ tab on the gym’s machine is showing, think again. The figure is an average that is arrived upon assuming that the person using the machine is of a standard height and weight. In reality, the calories you burn will vary based on your body’s metabolism, fat content, height and weight. Use the figure as a vague guide and not an absolute truth.
follow healthy diet workout routine
You’re overcompensating with your diet
If you feel you are exercising and hence you should be eating more, stop! Studies suggest that people begin to eat more once they have an exercise regimen in place purely because they feel that they need more fuel. In reality, calculating calories burnt versus the ones you consumed will present a severe skew. While the occasional treat is acceptable, stick to average portions of healthy food as far as your everyday diet goes.
You’re overdoing the workout
While most exercises will have you giving your muscles a good workout (and you’ll feel it too), overdoing your workout will leave you beyond exhausted. If you feel like you need to sleep for a good 2 hours to recover from your workout every single day, you’re definitely going above and beyond what your body can handle. Working out excessively can cause insomnia, lead to a weakened immune system and tire your muscles—all of which are responsible in some way for weight gain.
perform healthy mix of exercises
You focus only on cardio
Sure, walking or jogging will help you shed a few kilos, but not for long. Eventually your body will plateau if it is subjected to only one form of exercise. They key is to challenge your body and trick it into giving results, which is why you need to incorporate exercises that build muscles, core strength, endurance and flexibility too.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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