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As our cities get more crowded and people more impatient, here are some general parking tips that will help you park your car quickly and correctly. Follow these help points irrespective of whether you are reverse parking, parallel parking or parking into a perpendicular slot.
indoor car parking tips
TIP 1: As you prepare to park, always remember to move the car very slowly; at the same time, use the steering wheel to turn quickly. This will help you to position your car correctly into the space while ensuring that you do not hit either the curb or the other cars around you.
TIP 2: Use the side-view mirrors to look in all directions as you are parking your car, not just in your rear-view mirror. Often times the driver is only focused on parking his/her car and forgets to notice what is going on around the car. This can lead to accidents.
parallel car parking tips
TIP 3: When backing out form a parking slot, move slowly and turn on your hazard lights to warn other cars, bicyclists and pedestrians that you are coming out. Most accidents take place at this time.
When you are parallel parking, pull up about halfway to the car in front of you, turn the wheel completely to the right, engage reverse and ease into the space. Stop as you come to a point where the right front end of the car behind you is in line with the centre of your rear windshield. Straighten the wheel of the car and move backwards until the car has passed the car in front, then stop. Now turn the wheel completely to the left and continue backing up. Stop the car as it becomes parallel to the curb. The car is now in the slot. You will need to straighten out the wheel and position the car correctly between the cars in front of and behind you.
reverse parking into a perpendicular slot
Stop once the car is halfway past the slot, turn the wheel completely in the direction away from the slot and go forward. As the open slot takes centre space in the rear windshield, stop, engage reverse and turn the wheel in the opposite direction. Move slowly and use the side-view mirrors and the rear-view mirror to centre the car into the open slot. Straighten out the car. Voila!

Written By : Rishabh Agarwal

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