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5 most craved foods during the monsoons!

All of us have that one perfect monsoon snack that brings with it all the love and warmth of home. For some, it is mom’s cheese and chutney sandwiches, for others, it is their grandmother’s potato fritters. Suffice it to say that monsoon is all about hot, spicy, snackable food paired with that steaming cuppa tea or coffee. Here’s our list of monsoon must-haves; let us know what you think!
french fries are must have monsoon fried food
#1 French fries
Whether they’re had plain (dosed with salt!) or smothered in piri piri and melted cheese, French fries are the #1 go-to monsoon fried food! Crunchy, salty and hot—what’s not to like?
samosas perfect snack for the rainy season
#2 Samosas
An Indian staple, samosas are the quintessential desi snack perfect for the rainy season. While Keema samosas are a favourite for non-vegetarians, you really can’t go wrong with the ubiquitous spicy potato samosas.
soup quintessential food during monsoon
#3 Soup
Nothing quite beats the monsoon chill like a good, hearty soup. A thick, creamy mushroom soup packs loads of flavour with health, as does a lentil or even a tomato soup.
chicken skewers a must have food during monsoon
#4 Chicken skewers
Barbequed or grilled chicken threaded with juliennes of fresh, seasonal veggies makes for a delectable dish for those rainy afternoons with friends and family.
corn most craved food during the monsoon
#5 Corn on the cob
We think you would all agree that there’s nothing quite like grilled corn on the cob with a dash of lime, salt and pepper to welcome the monsoon!

Written By : The Label Team

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