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5 International dining rules you must know about

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do,’ they say and the phrase holds absolutely true when it boils down to fitting in with the locals of any given geography. And one of the easiest ways to do so is by following their local dining customs. So, for those of you who have travel plans lined up, here is a quick dining etiquette guide to 5 countries that are hot tourist destinations at the moment.
eating cappuccino before noon in italy
When in Italy
Most Italians believe that cappuccino should be had only before noon because consuming it any later in the day upsets your stomach. So much so that you will rarely see an Italian order a cappuccino post 3:00 pm and should you do so, you will instantly be typecast as a tourist. Psst, you can opt for an espresso in case of a caffeine emergency.
unique dining customs in france
When in France
France has its own set of dining customs that might amuse you at first. In France, you don’t keep your hands on your lap or anywhere under the table. It is only appropriate that you place your hands above the table to say the least. You also don’t eat your bread as an appetizer but as an accompaniment to food, especially with the cheese course. Also, while placing your bread directly on the table might be considered as lack of manners at other places, in France it is both preferred and accepted.
When in Middle East
When in Middle East or South India, don’t touch your food with the left hand for the simple reason that the left hand is reserved for, well, other bodily functions. You shall also always wash your hands before you sit down to eat and when you are done with the meal. Also, you must at all times use your right hand when picking up, passing and eating food.
mexico dining etiquette for eating tacos
When in Mexico
Mexicans never eat their tacos with a fork and knife. If you are scared of spilling that salsa all over, too bad, eating tacos with a fork is considered snobbish nonetheless! Mexicans also always place their bread, either on the rim of their plate or on the table by the plate, never in the center of the plate. When it comes to passing dishes, they almost always pass their dishes to the left and not the other way. And when eating salads, do not try to cut that lettuce, fold it instead and gulp it down.
When in Thailand
In Thailand, the spoon is the primary eating utensil and the fork is only used to transfer it into the spoon and not into your mouth. When eating Thai food, don’t look around for your knife because you won’t need one; everything is already cut up for you. Also make sure you don’t leave your chopsticks in the bowl as it is considered bad luck.

Written By : Khubi Amin Ahmed

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