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5 essentials for a bachelor pad

Describe your art in five words.
“Soulful, peaceful, evocative, inspiring and emerging.”
Inspirations behind your Mughal pop art collection for Good Earth.
“The entire Mughal era. I feel it’s one of the most beautiful parts of Indian culture and heritage and a gift that we must cherish and safe-keep forever. Also, the transparency and the modernity of a material like acrylic, and lastly the resplendence of gem stones.”
You are an interior designer, filmmaker and a writer. What do you enjoy the most?
“All of them are creative expressions and that’s really what I love the most. The opportunity to be creative, to imagine, to think, to create worlds.”
5 essentials according to you for a bachelor pad.
“A den, a space to party, a space to reflect, lots of wardrobe space and pets.”
Few tips you would like to share to spruce up one’s bachelor pad.
“Don’t be afraid of colour. The right lighting can work magic. Make your home an expression of yourself and let it reflect who you really are. Focus on luxury. God is in the details.”
Recommend a few books which are a must for one’s coffee table.
“Books on photography, cinema, interiors and travel.”
What’s an average day in your week like?
“Always jam-packed. I wake up by 7.30am; leap out of bed and into my yoga class. Then I head to work which could be going to the office or going for meetings for any of my ventures – design or film. I work out in the evening at a gym close to my house and like to have dinner with work associates or friends, which is sometimes followed by a good film or a good book.”
Future ventures…
“A feature film directed by me – It’s a dream project and I can’t wait to get started on it and a brand new design collection that is launching this spring. It’s a complete departure from my Mughal pop collection and a whole new challenge for me as a designer.”

Written By : Manish Mishra, Photographs by Gaurav Sawn

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