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3 stylish must-haves for a movie date

Movie dates are often first or second dates and come at a stage where making an impression with the way you dress counts. Ensure that you don’t look sloppy with this stylish outfit that shows you’ve made an effort, without looking out of place.
white t shirt denim must have for movie date
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A white T-shirt works best
A staple for this look is a white shirt or T-shirt worn over denims or chinos. It transitions seamlessly between formal and casual wear, and when you pick one with an interesting texture or trim, it makes for a stylish outfit. If a crew-neck T-shirt seems too basic, pick a polo shirt instead.
Add a blazer
Blazers are the easiest way to up the ante of your date-night outfit, so pick one that complements what you’re wearing. Virtually any colour pairs well with white, from charcoal, and grey to blue and beige. If you want to opt for something more interesting, pick a slim-fit, single-breasted vintage blazer or if you are heading to a fast food restaurant after dinner, opt for a sporty black zip-up jacket instead.
stylish sneakers for perfect movie date
Snazzy sneakers
Slim sneakers are all the rage, so pick a pair that matches your shirt and jeans combo. Basic white ones will always be timeless, but you can opt for suede sneakers or a colourful pair to pump up the style quotient. As long as you pick a spiffy pair that doesn’t pack on the bulk, you’re playing it safe. If you’re rolling up your jeans or chinos, you can even go sockless.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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