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3 reasons why you should book your pet a massage

Not only are you being an indulgent pet owner by treating your pet to a massage, you’re also helping its health. Take a look at three very convincing reasons for booking your pet a massage regularly, or even better, giving it one yourself. Apart from its health benefits, massages also help strengthen your bond with your pet and release endorphins in its body, which can elevate your pet’s mood.
regular massage helps your pet to relax
#1 Helps your pet relax
Make a conscious effort to give your pet a massage regularly. Use your palm to slowly massage your pet’s body. Focus on what you are feeling and pay attention to details such as the hair, skin, fat and muscle. There is more to a massage than just spending quality time together. Over a period of time, you will be able to notice differences in surface temperature, sensitivity to touch, localised swelling or muscle tension, along with things such as poor coat quality or tight skin. If left undetected, these factors can lead to greater problems for your pet.
pet massage relieves joint stiffness and elevates the mood
#2 Relieves joint stiffness
Start by petting the area around a joint to warm the tissue. Then, place your hand over the area and administer gentle compressions. You can use the pace of your breathing (or count slowly) to establish a rhythm as you press and release the muscle. The pumping motion moves fluids through your pet’s muscles and relieves the tension that plagues tendons surrounding the joint.
gentle massage acts as a warm up before playing to prevent sudden strain
#3 Acts as a warm-up
If your pet is very active and loves playing outdoors, a gentle massage will act as a warm-up. It will help prevent sudden strain on its muscles and tissues. Similarly, you can give it a massage after its playtime, which will help it cool down and relax.
About the author
Shailesh Patil is the managing director of Sukho Thai, a chain of spas that focus on holistic treatments and relaxing therapies.

Written By : Shailesh Patil

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