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10 common golf terms you should know

golfer addressing the golf ball
Refers to the position of the golfer’s body before he/she hits the golf ball. The phrase ‘addressing the ball’ refers to the golfer standing in position, ready to hit the ball.
a perfect dogleg at golf course
Refers to the design of particular holes on the golf course, where the green is not in the line of sight from the tee. The actual hole may be either on the left or right side from the tee.
casual water on the golf course
Refers to standing water or puddles on the golf course which are temporary and generally caused due to rain or precipitation of some kind. These small waterbodies are not part of the course. No penalties apply for a player moving his/her ball from casual water.
borrow refers to distance between golfer and hole
Refers to the distance away from the hole that the golfer needs to aim for so as to account for the slope of the green.
circular dimple cavities on golf ball
These are the little circular cavities on the golf ball.
Fun fact: Dimples can range from 300 to 500 in number on a golf ball. However, 336 is the usual number.
divot indicates removal of grass patch while hitting ball
Refers to the patch of grass that is removed by the club in the process of hitting the golf ball.
Tip: The golfer is expected to replace and stamp down the divot after hitting the ball.
fore is to be yelled when ball is hit to other person
This is what needs to be yelled when the ball is hit correctly or incorrectly towards another person on the golf course.
its gimme when ball lands close to hole
Refers to a putt that lands the ball close enough to the cup so that the golfer doesn’t need to putt the ball into the cup to complete the hole. Another stroke is automatically added to the tally.
Tip: In case you find yourself in this position yell “it’s a gimme” and wait for the approval of the others playing!
person with lowest score at previous shot gets honour
Refers to the ‘unsought-after’ privilege of starting first on the next tee. Beware; this ‘honour’ is achieved by the person who has the lowest score on the previous hole.
… and finally …
nineteenth hole club house of the golf
As is common knowledge, there are only 18 holes in golf, so this term refers to the club house on the golf course, more likely the bar in the club house!

Written By : Rishabh Agarwal

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