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Trends from TEDxGateway 2013

TEDxGateway 2013 held at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, Mumbai, was more than just a platform for brilliant minds, ideas and attitudes. It presented a good opportunity for the sartorially superior to make an appearance too. And they didn’t disappoint!
  • Fashion at TEDxGateway 2013

    Dapper and stylishly layered

  • Fashion at TEDxGateway 2013

    The vibrant shirt adds a pop of colour

  • Fashion at TEDxGateway 2013

    David Gere epitomises geek chic

  • Fashion at TEDxGateway 2013

    Franz Gastler looks boyishly charming

  • Fashion at TEDxGateway 2013

    Jimi Mistry goes the classic route

  • Fashion at TEDxGateway 2013

    Lee Cronin is sophisticated and chic

  • Fashion at TEDxGateway 2013

    Shashank Mani Tripathi is elegantly casual

Casual chic and practiced nonchalance seemed to be the theme of the day with many gentlemen favouring to sport the jeans and shirt look accessorised with a statement watch. Some went a step further to pull of the stylishly layered look with a jacket or a waistcoat to beat the nip in the air.
But the attendees weren’t the only one who commanded a second glance. Some of the speakers too, put their best sartorial foot forward. David Gere was the epitome of geek chic in his trendy glasses and well-coordinated ensemble. Franz Gastler made the most of his good looks by donning a boyishly charming style by adding a slim tie to his un-tucked shirt and trousers combination.
Architect Jimi Mistry, responsible for the resplendent stage played it casual by opting for the classic blue jeans, white shirt look that he accessorised perfectly with a tan belt and shoes. Lee Cronin, who delivered a highly charged talk on the …;˜Chemputer,’ effortlessly straddled the line between casual chic and semi-formal in an ensemble that reeked of sophistication and style. Shashank Mani Tripathi of Jagriti Yatra made effective use of colour contrast to master the elegantly casual look.
All in all, the TEDxGateway 2013 was a successful amalgamation of the finest human minds and style.

Written By : Manasi Rawalgaonkar

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