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How to go Sockless

There are about two-three million sweat glands on our body, of which half a million are located on our feet. Shoes soak up the sweat on the feet resulting in funky smelling shoes and feet. That makes your feet a weapon of mass destruction. This, however, should not deter you from going sockless. So, your battle plan should be: battling sweat and bacteria to prevent the sockless trend from becoming a biological hazard.
how to go sockless with style
Use anti-bacterial soap
Sweat by itself does not make your feet smell; it’s the bacteria that thrive in the moist environment that’s the real culprit. Stinky feet are a result of the gas that is expelled by the bacteria while it feeds off the dead skin cells on your feet. Ensure that you wash your feet thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap twice a day.
Use an anti-fungal foot powder
Using medicated foot powders before you put on your shoes is an absolute must. Make sure to get it in between your toes and do a thorough job while you are at it. Medicated foot powders absorb sweat and deodorise your feet. That’s killing two birds with one stone!
Use baking soda
Yes, you read that right! Baking soda is a natural odour neutraliser. Give your shoes a light dusting of baking soda before putting them on (the keyword being light). Or, place some in a coffee filter and place it in your shoes and leave it overnight to work its magic.
guide to wear shoes without socks
Use cotton terry cloth insoles
Inserting insoles in shoes is a good idea if you are going to be on your feet all day long. They provide added cushioning, thereby cutting the risk of blistered feet, and they also help in absorbing moisture (read sweat) from your feet. Replace the insoles of your shoes with cotton insoles that are washable.
sockless mens fashion
Use low-cut, no-show loafer liners
Apprehensive about the sockless look? Try a pair of low-cut loafer liners. They are cut well below the ankles, are snug and do not fall off your heel, and are ideal if you are going to be socks less for longer than four hours.They cut down the risk of chaffing and blisters and absorb sweat and moisture.
Alternate between shoes
It is imperative to air your shoes between each wear. Giving your shoes enough time to dry out is one way of cutting down on odour. Wet shoes smell dank and musty and add to your foot woes. You should let them air dry for at least one day if not more.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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