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7 common style misconceptions

most common style misconceptions
Confusing skinny fits with slim fits
The 90s called. They want their baggy, ill-fitting clothes back. Clothes that fit well and define your body are all the rage now. However, what is not cool is the other end of the extremity of baggy clothes – the skinny fit. Denim pants that are a bit too tight to be termed decent must be avoided at all costs unless you are Adam Levine.
Dressing for yourself
You are not a teenager anymore and surely would have developed a personal sense of style by now. Seeking others’ approval on your dressing is not recommended. However, not accepting suggestions or constructive criticism is a fatal error too. Surely, we must dress for ourselves; however, your clothes should be people and place appropriate.
Quality over everything else
Good things come at a price. A tailored suit is not cheap and is certainly better than one bought off the racks. However, in the initial stages when you are trying to find your style and experimenting with fits, patterns, colours, et al, it makes sense to not buy super expensive stuff. This of course, does not mean you buy substandard clothes. You can get great affordable options anywhere. So go ahead and experiment with colours, fits, prints, and once you are confident that you have found your style, invest in quality designer pieces. It doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive garment and later realise that you are not into the print or colour or fabric anymore.
Pleated pants are passé
Pleated pants look elegant and are perfect with a classic suit. Pleats and turn-ups are a killer combination when donning a suit. Besides, flat front trousers might not necessarily be the most comfortable pants around. Pleated pants provide room for movement, which is a blessing for men who have bigger bottoms.
mens fashion misconception
Compliments mean that you are on the right track
We insist on developing a refined sense of style; something on the lines of understated elegance. It’s the kind of dressing that might not get you compliments but over time you will be recognised as the man who dresses impeccably. Do not feel disheartened. Getting compliments on your wardrobe choices is no proof of your sartorial evolution.
Leather that creases is poor quality
Leather is just like skin. Just as your skin is bound to develop wrinkles, leather shoes too will crease after some time. You might use age-defying creams to keep wrinkles at bay, but your skin is going to wrinkle eventually as the ravages of time take over. Similarly, you can use shoe horns to preserve the shape of your shoes and some leather shoe conditioner to maintain its shine, but the finest leather will inevitably crease with age.
There are no hard and fast rules
Whether you like it or not, there are certain rules in place when it comes to dressing. And not without good reason. You can always bring in a sense of individuality and creativity to your clothes while still adhering to the basic styling rules. There comes a stage after you have found your personal style and feel comfortable and confident with your sartorial choices, when it is very easy to get carried away. You become daring (which is not a bad thing), and start getting kooky (certainly not a good thing). Hence, having certain ground rules in place makes a lot of sense.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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