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Tips to treat shaving nicks and cuts

Every man, at one time or another, has had tiny nicks and cuts while shaving. While the sting is temporary, but there are times further attention is needed. Try these home remedies to reduce the pain and heal the wounds.
  • Cold water: Splashing cold water on your face should always be your first go-to remedy when you cut yourself. The colder the water, the better. It causes your blood flow to slow and eventually clot, as your blood vessels constrict due to the cold water. Another solution is gently rubbing ice cubes over your skin; it does the same thing.
  • Anti-perspirant: This is probably not a well-known trick, dab a little anti-perspirant on your wound. Anti-perspirants contain aluminum chloride which not only functions as an astringent, it also prevents you from sweating into your wound.
  • Petroleum jelly/vaseline: Or lip balm of any kind helps stop the bleeding instantly. The waxy texture helps seal the wound and allows a clot to form. Make sure that before you leave the house, you wipe it off!
  • Listerine: Here’s another trick you probably didn’t know worked well for shaving cuts. Originally used as surgical antiseptic, listerine is most commonly used as mouthwash now. But you can apply it to cuts as well, and it will do the same job any antiseptic would to help heal your wounds.

Written By : Anna Philip

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