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Scents 101

Smelling good is as important as looking good. But every once in a while, we are confused about which scent we need to use on what occasion. We took a look into the various scents and explained their purpose and their usage in your everyday life.

The use of cologne began centuries ago due to the difficulty of bathing. It served the purpose of masking the smell of body odour and mud. But in modern times, cologne isn’t about hiding body odour as much as it is about accentuating your natural scent by giving it a pleasant smell. From being a necessity to signifying that men today focus on taking care of themselves, the usage of cologne has changed a lot over the years.

Best mens Deodorants
Much like colognes, perfume is worn to get that fresh feeling. Perfumes are meant to be applied only on clothes, but they are sometimes sprayed on certain parts of the body like the area behind the ears or on the wrist. Since perfumes have a much higher concentration of fragrances, they tend to linger on a lot longer than colognes.
An aftershave cream, balm or gel is one of the most important products in a man’s shaving kit. It relieves your skin after the process of shaving, keeping it soft while minimising razor burn. Shaving every day or even every alternate day can make the face’s sensitive skin feel harsh and irritated. An aftershave contains moisturising and antibacterial properties that help keep your skin soft and its texture smooth. Some even contain a delicate, but not overpowering, fragrance to give you a refreshing feel.
A deodorant’s primary purpose is to tackle bad odour. Although most deodorants today come with a flurry of fragrances, they don’t need to be scented. A deodorant blocks body odour and reduces the bacteria that causes the bad odour as well. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are used to reduce sweating as well, as it is mostly used when exercising.

Written By : Anna Philip

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