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Tips to keep your Feet dry during MonsoonWith the invention of the first wooden sandal, human psychology changed forever. Not only did people tread lightly around dirt, they found ways to further protect themselves from the rains. Centuries later, we are still trying to perfect our methods to keep our feet clean and dry during the monsoons.
Rain Boots

The most obvious and crucial protective method are your shoes. These days in India, all sorts of rain shoes are available in the market, however it never seems to be enough. Even with personal transport, getting to work or even heading out to a shop becomes stressful because of water-clogged streets. We suggest investing in a good pair of galoshes or boots to keep your feet and shins protected during your commute to and from work, while carrying an alternative pair of shoes to wear when in the office. Stay away from sandals or plastic clogs, which allow water in and out but keep dirt in, eventually causing foot infections. Also remember to hose down or wash your boots each day and keep them dry till you are ready to use them again. Sneakers are an alternative method; however, look for water repelling material, which most sports shoes have already incorporated into their designs. And if canvas shoes are unavoidable, then make sure they lace till your ankles for extra protection. Stay away from untreated leather, suede or any material that may get ruined or, worse, shrink, saving yourself from any discomfort. In case your boots have stitching on them, use a water seal formula on any small holes that may cause water to enter.

Some people are used to wearing socks on a regular basis; however, not many people in India enjoy wearing cotton or sports socks, unless they are headed to the gym. Sports socks, unlike cotton or nylon ‘work’ socks, are made from materials that try to keep your feet airy and dry from water and sweat. There are also new waterproof socks that come with a warranty and protect till your ankle, repelling any kind of water that they may come in contact with. Also remember that even if your socks get wet, the important thing is to keep an extra pair in your bag or car for an emergency change.
Post-shower care
To save yourself from embarrassing foot odour and sweaty feet, always moisturise your feet after a shower. Apart from moisturisers, foot powders available at medical shops can also keep your feet dry, odour-free and protect them from moisture causing bacteria.
Rain gear
Raincoats tend to protect your upper body, and although they have become more fashionable, they may be hard to maintain and they do not protect your legs. We suggest purchasing rain pants and a jacket, which are convenient both for their portability and for keeping rain from sneaking in past the ankles and wrists. They repel water and are easy to fold away and store in your office desk. Not to mention, they keep your arms and legs free to move.
Emergency fixes
You can never be a hundred per cent prepared for the kind of torrential rain we face every year. If you’re held up at the supermarket and cannot reach your car because you’re wearing sandals, tightly knot plastic bags as makeshift shoes for short distances. Remember to recycle the used packets afterwards, since they do harm the environment. Carry a larger bag during rainy weather to not only protect your electronic and personal items, but store a backup pair of socks, shoes or sandals in case anything happens to your shoes.
Also remember to wash your feet thoroughly no matter how you choose to protect them once you reach home from rain riddled streets and let them air dry for healthier, non-cracked skin.

Written By : Srijeeta Mitra

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