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How To Wear Your Cologne

Colognes are like fine whiskeys. There are plenty of them, each distinct from the other. You just have to find one that suits you and own that smell. However, it would be wise to have a couple of favourites that work well for you depending on factors such as your personal style, lifestyle, etc. Through trial and error you will learn which colognes sit well with your natural odours. Here’s your guide to making the most out of your cologne:

How To Wear Cologne

How much is too much
Applying just the right amount of cologne is like hitting bull’s eye; a fine art that can be mastered with practice. But, if you are having more misses than hits, then read carefully. Your scent should not make an entry before you and people should be able to notice your cologne when they are about one foot away no more. Any lesser means you haven’t applied enough. Ideally, being able to smell your cologne on your shirt or scarf till about a day or two later is just perfect.

Where should you apply it
You should apply cologne where your body generates the most heatand on pulse points. Apply cologne on your wrists, chest and the base of your throat around your Adam’s apple, behind your ears and your back. When these body parts heat up your cologne mixes with your own natural odours and pheromones to create a scent that is exclusively you.
Make sure to pick two or three spots that work best for you instead of dousing every pulse point with cologne. So about one pump on each wrist and a little spritz behind each ear should suffice. Also, never rub cologne into your skin. The friction makes the molecules to break down altering the scent as well as affecting its longevity.

Skin type matters
Fragrances adhere better to oily skin than dry skin. Hence, those with drier skin might need to apply a little extra cologne than the others. Also, you might need to apply it more frequently during winter when skin becomes drier.

When should you apply it
The best time to spritz cologne is after you shower. Showering makes the pores on your skin open up, which is conducive to the lasting power of cologne. Applying cologne without showering when you are dirty and already smelling is a terrible idea. You cannot expect a bottle of cologne to camouflage your lack of personal hygiene. Also, make sure the scent of your cologne does not clash with the other smells in your toiletries.
You cannot be using strong smelling soaps, body washes and deodorants. It will defeat the purpose of using cologne. They will either alter the smell of your cologne or completely mask it. Use fragrance-free products or ones that are mildly scented or belong to the same strain as your cologne such that they complement and uplift the smell of your cologne.

Tips To Use Cologne

Which cologne should you opt for
Although you would love to have a signature scent, a smell that you identify with, your cologne should change according to the seasons. Woody, musky full-bodied colognes work best for winters. They are too overwhelming for when the weather is warmer. A light, citrusy cologne makes us think of warm spring-summer days. Also, you might not be able to take the cologne you wear to work to a lounge or a night club. Day spells light, refreshing, invigorating colognes while night calls for full-bodied fragrances.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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