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How to get your Moustache Right

It’s Movember! Whether you take up the grow-a-moustache-for-charity challenge or not, now is a good a time to try a look daring and radical in equal parts. The rules are simple: shave off all facial fuzz while growing out, and groom only a moustache till the end of the month. Feeling intimidated by all the divided opinions on how it seriously mars your chances with the ladies? Well, here’s how to grow and groom your moustache to hipster-chic perfection.
Choose your style
This is probably the most essential part about growing a moustache. Pick a style that will work with the texture of your facial hair, features, haircut and your sense of style. Take cues from Shikhar Dhawan who rocks the handlebar, and Robert Downey Jr (shadow). Think of the moustache as the exclamation point of your face. And it better be complementary!
Use a trimmer
While some men can grow a lush handlebar within a month, there are others who will need forever to get fuzz that is worthy enough to be styled into something. Also, the initial stages of growing out your ’stach can be very awkward, making you want to give up midway. Try using a trimmer instead of opting for a full, clean shave while your lip fur’s coming along. A little stubble goes well with a smattering of moustache. Also, it’s a better way to ease into the look.
Get your arsenal right
Grooming and maintaining a ’stache is far from low maintenance. You will need to invest in quality clippers and men’s grooming scissors – the ones that curve slightly around the blades. You might also want to get yourself some moustache wax if you have thick, wiry facial hair.
Patience is a virtue
Growing out a well-formed moustache can be challenging. There will be days when you feel like giving up, only to get going at your facial fuzz like a caveman who just chanced upon a pair of shears. But hang in there, and you will be grateful you did. Don’t try to over-groom. Think of this like an opportunity; those rare times when you get to snooze a little extra.
Own the look
You have to be oozing with confidence to rock lip fur. The reason David Beckham carries off every look with panache is because he is convinced about his grooming choices (and also because he’s so drop-dead gorgeous!).

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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