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Getting your shave right

Movember is over. Long over, if we may add. And it’s time to bid your beard goodbye (if you haven’t already). Most men would scoff at reading a how-to guide on shaving. However, a good shave involves more than just grabbing a razor. The steps leading to the final act of shearing your beard are important in ensuring a good shave. Read on to get the best out of your shave:
how to shave right
We cannot stress the importance of prepping your skin for a shave. Shaving after you have showered is ideal. Hot water and steam from your bath opens up your pores and softens your whiskers. Always start with a clean face for a smoother shave. You don’t want the oil and dirt from your skin and beard to clog your razor blades.
Trim off the excess
So you are one of those lucky men who get a full face of fuzz in no time? It makes sense to go over your muff with a trimmer first. Longer hair will jam your blades and it will be a pain to get them out. It is also more time consuming. So use a facial trimmer to trim as close as you can. It enables a cleaner shave, neater shave.
Protect your skin
Shaving gel, shaving foam, shaving oil, shaving cream, et al, choose your poison. Pick the product that is best suited for your skin. You need a product that moisturises your skin and acts like a protective layer between your razor and your skin. Shaving oil/cream/foam/gel help in softening your fur and prevents nicks and bumps.
Create a lift
A badger hair shaving brush is your best friend. It absorbs water and spreads the lather evenly while lifting your stubble to enable a close shave. It also has light exfoliating effects and thus, prevents ingrown hair.
tips to shave the right way
Getting down and dirty
And now for the main act! Ensure that your blades are sharp. Dull blades will cause nicks and cuts. Don’t shave against the direction of your hair growth unless you want ingrown hair and razor burns. Make sure to tap the razor every now and then to dislodge any shaving product and hair. Rinse the razor in cold water while you are shaving. Yes, cold water and not hot gives you a tighter shave.
Finishing up
Use an after-shave toner or cold water to clean any residual shaving product and to close your pores. Avoid alcohol based after-shaves though. They dry out your skin.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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