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Don’t let sweat dampen your spirits!

It’s hard to keep your look on trend during summer and early monsoon, with extreme temperatures and humidity giving rise to problems like frizzy hair, oily skin and, the worst of them all— excessive sweating. Sweating is uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing, but it can also ruin your clothes by leaving stains on them. While the weather is not in your control, it is possible to keep excessive sweating at bay. Here’s how it’s done.
wear underarm pads to prevent sweat dampen shirt

Wear underarm pads
Fighting sweaty underarms can seem like an uphill task. If all your efforts have been in vain, it’s time for you to invest in underarm pads. These are shields that absorb sweat and keep your shirt dry and crisp all day long. If you aren’t comfortable wearing an underarm pad, wear a thin T-shirt underneath your shirt. This will absorb the sweat and keep the outer layer clean.

Carry an extra shirt
If you’re in for a long commute, your clothes are likely to go damp with sweat stains. A simple way to fight this is by carrying along an extra shirt in your briefcase. A quick visit to the restroom as soon as you reach work is all you need.

antiperspirant to fight sweating

Stock up on antiperspirant
While deodorant helps fight odour, it doesn’t stop you from sweating. A strong antiperspirant on the other hand, helps fight sweat by closing the ducts of your sweat glands. Make sure that you don’t apply it more than twice a day as it can combine with sweat and leave stains on your clothes.

change lifestyle to avoid sweating

Lifestyle changes
Certain simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference this season. Make sure that you drink plenty of water. If your body is well-hydrated, it puts less effort into regulating the body temperature, which in turn means you sweat less. Incorporate calcium-rich food and fruits and vegetables in your diet. They keep your body replenished and relatively sweat-free.


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