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Most men blame sensitive skin for breaking out after shaving their facial fur. However, it is incorrect shaving practices rather than sensitive skin that makes your skin feel taut, red and irritated. Here’s what you could be doing wrong:
common shaving mistakes to avoid
Little to no preparation
So you splash your face with water a few times and are ready to go with your razor? It is absolutely important to wash your face with warm water and soap meant for facial skin. You don’t want to strip away the natural oils of your skin nor should you try shaving on a dirty face. Washing your face thoroughly also softens hard facial hair thereby enabling an easier shave.
Dull blades
There’s nothing sillier than trying to get a good shave out of blunt blades. You might have to change blades after every third shave depending on the blades that you buy and how often you shave.
Not heeding the grain
Hair grows out of the body in a particular direction which is called the grain. Not shaving in the direction of the growth or shaving against the grain will almost always result in irritable skin as well as increase the chances of nicks and cuts.
Applying too much pressure
You are mistaken if you think pressing the razor down hard on the skin while shaving will lead to a closer shave. Razors function best when they are cutting across a flat surface as opposed to shaving in a ditch (pressing down on skin creates a sort of ditch in the skin). Tilt your head to one side, let your razor rest on your cheek and shave with a light touch. Do not press it down into the skin.
Repeating strokes
In the quest to eliminate every last trace of beard, you might go on repeating strokes by shaving the same spot over and over. While you might eventually succeed in getting a really close shave, what you will also get is a razor burn which needless to say is very painful. We suggest re-lathering if you miss a spot and then going over with your razor.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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