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3 Hairstyles that stood out at The Golden Globe Awards 2016

As important as it is to pay keen attention to your clothes and accessories, a black-tie look is sure to fall flat if your hair isn’t groomed to perfection. These 3 celebrities turned up at this year’s Golden Globe Awards with hair that was styled impeccably well and if you’re looking for some inspiration for black-tie events in the New Year, they surely make for good examples.
john hamm tuxedo jacket with slick back hairstyle
John Hamm
The Mad Men actor attended The Golden Globe Awards with hair that was spot on. If you want to keep things clean while wearing a tuxedo and let your clothes be the focal point, opt for a slicked-back hairstyle like Hamm’s. If you want a more glossy finish, Leonardo DiCaprio’s version is a smart approach to take too.
channing tatum unique hairstyle sharp suit look
Channing Tatum
Having mid-length or long hair may not be conventionally appropriate as far as formal events go, but when styled correctly, you can ensure it ties in with your sharp suit. With hair casually slicked to one side, Channing Tatum’s hairstyle channels a nonchalant vibe without looking inappropriate or untidy.
orlando bloom greasy looking hairstyle black suit
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Orlando Bloom
If you prefer hairstyles with a bit of movement and volume, Orlando Bloom’s appearance makes for a great reference point. Use a moderate amount of hair styling product to work in some texture into your hair, create height and define curls. However, be sure to start with only a small amount of the product and add more as you go along, because it is easy to go overboard and end up with greasy-looking hair.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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