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Why & how you can wear purple to work

Although it is not as traditional as black, navy, grey and brown, the more you experiment with purple, the more you’ll realise that it fits into your work wardrobe very well. After all, purple has long been associated with royalty and has that touch of unusual that makes people take a second look. Wearing purple to work is all about picking the right shade and exercising restraint.
add richness to your style with purple shirt
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#1 A simple shirt
You can never have too many formal shirts, which is why purchasing a light-purple or a deep-purple one is absolutely necessary. Add richness to it by picking one with an interesting weave or self-pattern.
how to wear purple suit for after work party
#2 A purple suit
Before you think we’re being outrageous, try on an aubergine purple suit for size. The rich hue complements most Indian skin tones and can redefine your Friday dressing style. We admit that it doesn’t conform to conventional office dressing standards, but it offers a refreshing change without compromising on professionalism. Bradley Cooper, Daren Criss and Robbie Williams (above) look quite dapper, showing us that a purple suit can transform into after-work party wear in a jiffy.
deep purple brown suede loafers for dapper look
#3 Purple shoes and other accessories
We’re not recommending a bright purple; instead we’re suggesting you invest in a pair of deep purple-brown suede loafers or lace-ups. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a grey suit or a pair of beige chinos, adding a tinge of colour without looking jarring. A purple tie and cufflinks also look very chic especially when paired with blue and brown.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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