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Some Dressing Tips For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Look your best at your best friend’s wedding with this simple yet fashionable guide.

 #1 Focus on understated class

As excited as you are to go all-out, whatever you think of, tone it down by 20%. After all, you don’t want to steal your best friend’s thunder. Focus on textured fabrics and subtle patterns to make your ensemble seem regal, both through the choice of your jacket and tie.

#2 Pick the right pieces

A slim fit grey three piece suit is perfect for the occasion. Add some accents through a polka dot or patterned shirt and create a cohesive look that’s easy on the eyes.

#3 Statement blazer

You can also wear a velvet blazer in a rich hue such as forest green or oxblood to break out the unconventional pieces in your wardrobe. In fact, houndstooth blazers and Prince of Wales checks make for good prints to model your statement blazer on.
dressing tips for wedding

#4 Don’t pile on the accessories

There’s nothing worse than too much bling or shimmer on a wedding guest. It’s gaudy and more importantly, it is not your big day. Playful cufflinks, bright socks, a sophisticated watch and a quirky bow tie are a good way to inject your own personality into your ensemble without looking ostentatious.

#5 Add a sweater

Cardigans may seem casual when worn by themselves, but under a suit jacket, they make for a dressy addition. Look for a fine cashmere one that coordinates with your shirt and suit, and make sure you pick a slim fit one.

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