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The importance of a pocket square

What a pair of heels is to a lady, a pocket square is to a gentleman. Both tend to draw the attention of an onlooker while accentuating the look. According to author and designer Alan Flusser, “A white handkerchief placed in the breast pocket of a dark suit… is the sure sign of a confident and knowledgeable dresser.”

This little sartorial tool not only injects a nonchalant whimsy into an otherwise uptight ensemble, but also says a lot about one’s personality. Men’s fashion today is all about breaking rules and infusing a personal touch into each look. In fact, the fold of your pocket square says a lot about your personality. Are you the kind who likes to fold his pocket square in a butterfly shape to complete your tuxedo look a big night-out? Or do you prefer to take the more sober yet impactful Don Draper route?

Tracing its origin
The origin of the pocket square dates back to the ancient Greeks. It is a well-documented fact that affluent Greeks often accessorised with perfumed handkerchiefs around 500 B.C. Funnily enough, English and French noblemen carried perfumed and embroidered hankies in an attempt to mask their noses from the stench of the streets and the people roaming them.

Why wear a pocket square
In the early 1900s, a suit without a pocket square was considered almost naked. No self-respecting dandy would dare overlook this key accessory. Perhaps, it would have amounted to sartorial blasphemy. The addition of a pocket square adds a hint of personality to a nifty suit. The most important thing to remember is that the colour of your pocket square should complement the colour of your tie. However, avoid matching the colours exactly. Monochrome pocket squares go well with ties of every colour.

Wear it right
Dress your seersucker jacket with a plaid or gingham pocket square or combine a floral pocket square with a muted sports jacket. From plaid to polka dots—there are myriad options available. Even a bandhgala or a Nehru jacket looks incomplete without this key accessory. Complement a jewel-toned bandhgala with a metallic-toned pocket square to champion the Maharaja look. So upgrade your closet with this regal style staple. All you need is a dash of confidence to pull it off.

Rules of wearing a pocket square

  • Ideally, a pocket square should have hand-rolled edges.
  • One can never go wrong with white linen.
  • A textured pocket square will always stand out.

Written By : Mr Dandy

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