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Taking care of leather

Leather is quite indestructible when taken care of. Regular maintenance will ensure that your leather articles last a lifetime. Here’s how to go about it:
tips to take care of your leather jacket
Keep it safe
1) You have spent a bomb on that leather bomber jacket and want to pass it on as a legacy to your grandkid? But don’t be overzealous while storing it. First of all, find a cool, dry place to keep it.
2) Do not use metal hangers for leather jackets and pants.
3) Do not wrap or pack your leather articles tightly in plastic bags. Leather needs to breathe. Do not store leather wallets in air-tight boxes.
4) Make use of shoe trees to retain the shape of leather shoes, boots and so on. Use old newspaper if you do not have shoe trees. Similarly, stuff leather bags with old newspaper while storing them. Do not roll up belts, hang them instead.
taking care of your leather accessories
Protect it
1) While leather needs to breathe, moisture can ruin it which is why you need to store it in a dry place.
2) Keep your leather articles safe from rain, snow, sweat, and other situations where they can get wet.
3) In the eventuality that your leather items do get wet (it happens despite our best efforts), make sure to air dry them. Air dry is the keyword. Do not place them right in front of a heater or use a hair dryer to dry it up quickly. Nope. Nada. It will not make it any better.
4) Stuff your leather articles when they are air-drying so that they retain their shape. However, don’t overstuff it or you’ll end up stretching it permanently. Remember, leather can expand but never go back to its original size once stretched.
5) Treat your leather articles to a leather protectant even before you start using them. But look out for protectors that merely fill the pores of leather with grease. It will only make cleaning, conditioning and polishing harder.
6) Apply protector only when leather is clean and dry. And give your leather enough time to dry after having applied protector before wearing or using them.
guide to take care of leather accessories
Cleaning it
1) Clean your leather articles with dry or damp cloth when you want to rid it off dust.
2) Don’t use abrasive, caustic, chemical-laden cleaners to clean leather.
3) Always test a new cleaner on a small area of the leather; someplace that even if damaged will not be visible easily.
4) Remove oil and/or grease stains by sprinkling ground blackboard chalk on the stained area. Leave the powder for a day and brush it off gently with a small, soft brush later.
5) Treat mildew with a clean cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Wipe the area.
Conditioning leather
1) If you want your leather to last you must condition it to lubricate and replenish its suppleness.
2) Do not use conditioners with petroleum or mineral oils. They ruin leather gradually.
3) Do not use heavy conditioners that leave a thick, greasy residue behind.
4) Condition your leather after it has become damp. Let it air-dry, and when it is nearly dry treat it to some conditioner. It helps in maintaining its flexibility.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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