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Style Icon—James Bond Decoded!

He is the dapper British secret service agent, coded as MI6-007, but to the world he’s Bond…James Bond – a name that personifies the modern gentleman. To dress like Bond is to dress with absolute timeless style. Let’s face it, this character has embodied our childhood dreams. Right from Sean Connery in Dr. No to Daniel Craig in Skyfall, 007’s suits have always exuded understated cool and has inspired men to dress sharp no matter the situation.
top style tips from james bond
Suit or Tuxedo – The signature wear
James Bond is synonymous with the tux or suits. Ever since Dr. No in 1962, few men have worn such a strictly formal garment with such a fusion of elegance and ease. James Bond’s suits are invariably in block colours – plain blacks, grays and midnight blues. With the exception of Roger Moore, who was far more the business Bond than any of the others, 007 doesn’t do pinstripes. It’s Bond’s tailored looks that still stand out but the tuxedo or suit has still remained an integral part of Bond’s wardrobe.
When Bond Went Casual
Over the 52 years of Bond history, we have witnessed a lot of changes in Bond’s wardrobe – one significant change occurred in the year 2008 with the arrival of Daniel Craig as the new MI6 in Quantum of Solace. Daniel, as the new MI6, did not only flaunt his ripped physique but also sported casual wearing fashion, highlighting the aesthetic benefits of slim-fit clothing. The discerning man that he is, we witnessed the new Bond, sporting tweed sports jacket and plain jackets. Now that’s the way to dress casual!
Trouser – The Classic Cut
Bond’s shirts are clean, crisp and ice white and in order to complement a great upper-body look, you need to have the perfect trousers. When it comes to Bond, you will always find him wearing boot-cut trousers without any pleats and turn-ups. Bond prefers to wear simple yet elegant trousers – straight lines that fall to the back of the shoe with a single break at the front.
When it comes to dressing up during the day, given that he normally opts for motorbikes as his preferred mode of transport, he prefers to wear slim white, beige or dark blue jeans. Not only does the look work as an argument for why all men should own well-fitted jeans, but it’s also a testament to the power of being fit: Keep things trim, and lines clean, and you’ll look like you don’t need a suit.
Feet and More
Stick to the simple, elegant standard set by James Bond when it comes to selecting the right footwear. An easy option is to stick to the basics and opt for a classic, simple lace-up with thin leather soles and a defined heel. You can also opt for handmade shoes as that’s what this agent prefers to wear. Make sure you complement your footwear with long black comfortable socks as there’s no part of a man’s body that’s more repulsive to a woman than the sight of an exposed ankle while you are dressed in your Sunday best.
If you want to live the Bond life 24×7, then once you get up in the morning and go out for a jog, wear joggers and make sure you don’t confuse it with sneakers.
Tie Your Look With It
A matching silk tie with a perfectly cut tux, can really take the look up a notch. Avoid ties that are too thick or too wide – they always make the knot look too big and you are not dressing up to portray the character that of a Managing Director…you are dressing up like the dapper secret agent, hence, you need a four-in-hand or half Winsor knots to look cool. Although modern day Bond doesn’t wear a tie too often, but if you are dropping in to MI6 to take orders from M, it’s better you wear a silk tie along with a pair of handmade shoe and a handkerchief.
Accessories – Simple, Silver and Small
Accessories still play their part in Bond’s apparel – you may feel tempted to “show a bit of personality” through accessories. Do not forget that you are donning the Bond look; hence, your wrist demands an Omega watch – especially the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Also, add matching shirt studs and cufflinks; just make sure that they are simple, silver and small. Complete the look with a belt that matches your footwear.
Always keep in mind that James Bond is just not a character that comes alive on celluloid, he is also the heart of British men’s style. He epitomises the idea of a gentleman for every era blending classicism with a modern edge without any fuss. That’s reason enough to take a leaf out of his style book, don’t you think?


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