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Looking after Linen

Linens offer the perfect alternative to tweed and wool blends as the summer approaches. Not only does the fabric look effortlessly stylish, but it also lends itself to wardrobe staples whether they’re shirts, blazers or ties. Here’s our guide on how to care for this must-have summer fabric.
how to care of linen clothes storing
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Laundering linen
  • Linen is made up of strong fibres which make it extremely safe to wash in your washing machine. However, the determining factor on whether you should hand wash or machine wash a piece is based on the weave of the garment. For shirts that have a tight weave, using a washing machine is a safe bet.
  • While laundering linens in a washing machine, set it to a gentle cycle and use lukewarm water so that the clothes can move freely without getting entangled with other pieces, which can cause them to stretch and get misshapen.
  • Garments such as casual linen trousers have a loose weave and can get stretched out of shape if they’re machine washed. So, limit yourself to hand washing them and refrain from wringing your linens or scrubbing them too vigorously to prevent ruining their fit.
how to care of linen fabric laundering
The best time to iron linens is when they are damp, as this makes getting rid of deep-set wrinkles a breeze. Pure linens can handle extreme temperatures, so you can safely use your iron on its highest setting. If you’re worried about whether or not your linen garment is pure or a blend, test it by ironing a small corner first and changing the temperature accordingly. Once you’re done ironing, hang the garment to let it dry completely. While ironing garments such as linen blazers, you can even use a starch spray to ensure that it sits stiff when you wear it.
how to care of linen clothes ironing
Storing linens
  • It is best to hang your linen shirts and blazers on hangers to prevent them from developing lines and creases.
  • Ensure that your linens are stored in a cool and well-ventilated area, as this deters mildew from attacking your clothes.
  • If you’re storing linens for a long period, you can fold and pack them in cloth bags, but ensure that the bags are made out of cotton or linen because synthetic ones contain chemicals that can eat through linen.
  • Also, remember to hang and refold linen garments every few months to prevent deep creases and the weakening of fibres along fold lines.
how to care of linen garments

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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